Texas A&M Softball | Legacy
Texas A&M Softball recruits would watch this video during their recruiting visit.


This video took me the longest to edit out of all the videos I have ever made. It took my co-worker and I 48 hours to create this monster. This was considered the 2015 end of the season video, however, Jo Evans wanted a format other than a highlight video. She wanted a video that they could show to recruits when they came on their recruiting visit. I remember watching an interview of Jami Lophries back in 2008 when the Aggies were runner-ups in the WCWS. She talked about what made her want to come to A&M and the phrase that she quoted from Coach Evans was "What will be your legacy?". Therefore, the idea of creating a video that emphasized on the legacy that is Aggie Softball came about.

The most time consuming part of this project was going through years and years of footage to find the shots we needed from each season. We ended up going through footage from the 80s which was really neat. It's crazy to see how much the sport has evolved throughout the years. Altough it took a lot of time, it's a project I definitely take a lot of pride in.

Dallas, TX