S'more Singing
Practice on branding a fake restraurant.


  • Client: ARTS 303 | Graphic Design Class
  • Date: 23 November, 2015

My junior year of college, I ended up taking a Graphic Design class for my Art Minor. We were required to create a fake restaurant and then brand the restaurant with a logo, business card, and a letter head. Creating a fake restaurant was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I ended up creating a fake restaurant that served a variation of s'mores. Not only could you circle around a burner to roast your marshmellow, but you could also sing some karaoke on the patio. Therefore, I decided to name the restaurant S'more Singing. I knew I wanted to go with a minimal design, so I created a pretty simple logo that could be used in numerous ways to promote the restaurant. NOCSA Website


Dallas, TX