One Coat Stucco is an ideal exterior wall treatment for residential, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. One Coat Stucco consists of a blend of Portland cement, sand, fibers and special chemicals which produce a very efficient stucco system.

One Coat Stucco provides design flexibility, durability, water management, versatility as well as cost savings... and it can be finished in a variety of ways including premixed colored cement stucco finish coats, elastomeric coatings and paints or even acrylic textured finishes.

The One Coat Stucco System is a highly cost-effective and resilient alternative to the Three Coat Stucco System. Introduced in the mid-1980's, the One Coat Stucco System Base Coat consists of a blend of Portland Cement, sand, fibers and proprietary chemicals which results in a very effective system.

The individual products are pre-blended at the manufacturer's facility, which simplifies the mixing procedure since it is done on the jobsite. This offers superior consistency of the material and greater control over the mixing proportions of the product. The only additional materials that need to be added to the base are sand and water. Some manufacturers offer a premix or sanded version that only requires the addition of water. The sand must conform to ASTM C144 or ASTM C897-96. Each manufacturer has specific instructions for mixing and applying the base coat that must be followed to insure proper quality control.

The base coat is applied in a single application (combining the scratch and brown coat) to a minimum thickness of 3/8-inch (9.5 mm), unless otherwise noted. The maximum thickness, including the finish coat, is 1/2-inch (12.7 mm). Thickness around penetrations, such as doors and windows is a nominal 3/8-inch (9.5 mm), backed by framing and blocking. The base coat is applied over lath and over flashing or weather resistive systems. For all types of finishes, consult each individual manufacturer for recommendations.

Adhering to the proper "moist" curing time as specified by the manufacturer is critical.

This system can be hand troweled or machine sprayed to almost any common weather-protected wall substrate, including foam plastic sheathing, insulation foam, exterior grade gypsum sheathing, glass mat faced sheathing, fiberboard sheathing, asphalt impregnated sheathing, plywood or OSB exterior sheathing. It can also be used over masonry and brick without lath reinforcements. This simple, single process application offers up to a 50% reduction in the materials, labor and scaffolding costs involved in each project which results in a quicker completion time of the stucco exterior. Another benefit is that the base coat additives withstand freeze-thaw conditions.

Each manufacturer has code approval through their individual Evaluation Reports.

One Coat Stucco base coats are fire-resistive with zero flame spread and zero smoke developed. One Coat Stucco base coats are well suited for residential, multi-family, institutional and commercial buildings where cost and speed of construction are very important.

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